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Minorca (or Menorca) offers many attractions such as beautiful sandy coves, archaeological sites, excellent water sports, and unspoiled, remarkable sceneries. There are plenty of places to visit and explore in Minorca. Whether you want to go in for hiking or trekking, cycling, or boating Minorca has many hidden gems to be explored. Check out our top picks in Minorca Island and plan your next tour.

Mahon (Mao)

Mahon, popularly known as Mao, is the capital of Minorca, located on the east coast of the island. It has an old colonial flavour in its architecture with Georgian townhouses along with Spanish apartments. This city has one of the longest natural harbours in the Mediterranean Sea. Mahon offers many spectacular attractions, including Mansion House and Golden Farm, the Xoriguer Gin Distillery, the church Esglesia de Santa Maria la Major, the church of Saint Mary, the Oliver manor house with its unique murals, the Governor's Palace, Teatro Principal etc.

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This pretty fishing village on a large bay can be reached from Mahon or Es Mercadal town. Fornells is famous for being a paradise for seafood lovers because of the fantastic restaurants located in the village. The surrounding area also has plenty of attractive holiday spots.


Ciutadella is located to the west of Mahon and can be easily reached by road. It is the second biggest town and municipality in the western end of Minorca Island. Ciutadella has a noticeable Moorish and Spanish influence in its Gothic and Baroque styled, majestic mansions and palaces. The city is famous for its restaurants and shopping malls.

Naveta d'Es Tudons

Naveta dels Tudons (or Naveta of Es Tudons) is considered the most impressive megalithic chamber tomb. This monument has a horseshoe-shaped layout, and the outside indicates the shape of an upside-down boat. It is 13.6m long with a maximum width of 6.40m and a height of 4.5m.

Torre de’en Gaumes

Torre de'en Gaumes (Torre d'en Galmés) is the largest prehistoric town of the Balearic Islands. Located between the village of Alaior and the Son Bou beach in the south of Minorca, the village features many fascinating ancient ruins. Attractions include a defensive wall guarding three talaiots (stone towers), a temple made of stone, and pillared naves. The site also consists of a dolmen burial chamber.

Ciutadella cathedral

Ciutadella de Menorca Cathedral or simply Ciutadella Cathedral is a Roman catholic church in Ciutadella. King Alfonso III of Aragon, the conqueror of the Island, built this cathedral in 1287. Catalan Gothic architecture, which developed in the 13th century, has been utilised during the construction of this cathedral. It also has a beautiful and ornamental Chapel - de les Animes of the 18th century nearby.


Cala Blanes

This is located at the eastern end of Cala Forcat. It has very rugged, deep rocky inlets with a little beach area. It is one of the best short beaches in the area. This place attracts many tourists in the summer months.

Son Bou

Son Bou is Minorca's attractive, long, white sandy beach with blue water and a gorgeous ocean view. Son Bou is a 2-miles long beach and is well connected with Mahon by bus. It also offers exciting nightlife.

Punta Prima

This beach is situated in the southeast region of Minorca and is close to the airport. The white sand beach can be beautiful to the eye, but the bay is prone to strong currents, and therefore you must keep a lookout for the flag, which indicates when it is safe to swim. You will find a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and bars near the beach.


Binibeca beach lies in the southeast region of Minorca and attracts many snorkelers to explore the mini coves along the coast. Binibeca beach is quite rocky and, therefore, is not suitable for relaxing and sunbathing.

Arenal d'en Castell

Arenal d'en Castell is one of the island's major attractions with fine, clean golden sand. The beach offers many water sports and other activities to suit all tastes. This place is famous for its nightlife and seafood delicacies.

Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca is the resort on Minorca island. It was built in the early 1990s to handle the increasing demands of tourists on the island. It is situated to the south of Ciutadella with sandy beaches. The area offers numerous water sports, which include scuba diving and other water-based activities. It has a wide range of accommodation, restaurants, bars, and shops to satisfy your shopping needs. This area attracts many tourists, especially during the summer months.

Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana is one of the most attractive bays on the island. It is a famous tourist place on the south coast. The magnificent coves of Macarella and Turqueta have located nearby the beach. These coves are surrounded by pines and are well sheltered by the high cliffs.

Attraction Near Minorca

Local tourist agents in Minorca provide various excursions, cruises, and safaris in and around Minorca. A popular place near Minorca is Ibiza island, known as party island!

Ibiza Island

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands popularly known as a party island. It is about 45km long and 25km wide. Ibiza is a rock island covering an area of 572.56sq.km. (221.07sq.mi.). During summer, the island is overcrowded by tourists who come to soak up the Mediterranean climate and buzzing nightlife.

The beaches of Ibiza are beautiful, with golden sand and transparent blue waters. The nightlife in Ibiza usually starts around midnight. Sant Antoni, to the west of the island, is well known for its exclusive nightlife scene. The most fantastic parties are organised throughout the peak season, May - September, and are hosted by some of the best DJs worldwide.

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