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The museums in Minorca (or Menorca) offer something different to discover. They exhibit Menorca's cultural history and architecture built by ancient civilisations, pirates. Museum of Menorca is one the best museums and exhibits permanent collections of history, ancient treasures, paintings. Here is our list of top museums in Minorca.

Museu de Menorca (Minorca Museum)

This museum is located in an old Franciscan convent and provides information about the history of Minorca. It is the largest museum on the island and has the most extensive collection of fine arts. The heritage collection and items are exhibited over three floors. Exhibits related to pre-Talayotic culture, Talayotic culture up to the Roman conquest and the Roman and Byzantine periods are displayed on the first floor. The second-floor showcases items about the history of the Convent, the Moorish period, 18th century Minorca, Painters, and Mao Port, Maps of Minorca, Minorca in the 19th and 20th centuries and 20th-century paintings. The Ground floor has the assembly room and two temporary exhibition rooms.

Address: Avenida Doctor Guardia, s/n 07701, Mahon, Minorca

Cap de Cavalleria Ecomuseum

This is an eco-museum located in the Cavalleria area and the Sanitja harbour. The museum exhibits historical remains with the countryside, botany, fauna and ethnological elements. It has two areas; one area contains traditional Minorcan country house having an educational exhibition. The outdoor area of 19 hectares has a first century BC Roman camp, a Roman town, a Moorish mosque, an English tower, a lime kiln and various quarries, along with the island's oldest lighthouse, built in 1857.

Address: Carretera Cap de Cavalleria-Port Sa Nitja , s/n 07740, (Finca de Santa Teresa). Apartado de Correos 68 Es Mercadal (Minorca)

Minorca Military Museum

Situated in the Quarter de Cala Corp and was constructed by the British in 1771. Based in the Cala Cob barracks, the museum exhibits a fine collection of Minorca's military history. There is a display of memorabilia such as weapons and armours and some exceptional English furniture dated back to the 18th Century.

Address: Placa Esplanada, s/n, Minorca

Museo Municipal de Ciutadella (Ciutadella Municipal Museum)

This museum is located in Ciutadella, the second-largest city on the island. It was built in the Sa Font Bastion around 1677 on cliffs alongside the port. The permanent collection tells the story about the history of Minorca. It exhibits objects from the Minorca's first settlers, the pre-Talayotic and Talayotic cultures, the Roman and Moorish periods, and the Kingdom of Aragon in 1287. It also houses some paleontological remains, jewels, iron skulls, Roman coins, and everyday objects. Furthermore, it offers some temporary exhibitions on archaeological, historical, and ethnological topics.

Address: Plaza de Sa Font, s/n 07760, Ciutadella de Menorca, Minorca

Museo de la Naturaleza de Menorca (Minorca Nature Museum)

This museum tells you the importance of the natural and cultural resources of Minorca. This fascinating institution hosts different activities to promote the island's environmental situation throughout the year. It arranges interactive exhibitions, sessions, conferences, and montages for children using photographs, games, and dioramas.

Address: Calle Mallorca, 2 07750, Ferreries, Minorca

Museu Hernández Sanz Hernández Mora

This museum is located in the Carme complex in Mahon, and it provides information about the atmosphere and way of life of 18th Century Minorca. Joan Hernandez Mora, the resident of the city, donated his collections to the city council of Mahon, and it is displayed here. The museum has some interesting books, engravings, and paintings of Minorca, a gallery of famous people, and cartographic work and map collections dating back to the 17th and 19th centuries.

Address: Carrer del Claustre del Carme, 5, 07701 Maó, Illes Balears, Spain.

Ateneo de Mao

This cultural centre offers a collection of 16th and 18th-century such as cartographic engravings, paintings and ceramics. It also has a library inside the museum.

Address: C/ Sa Rovellada de Dalt, 25, Minorca.

Museo Diocesano de Menorca

Museo Diocesano de Menorca (Diocesano Museum) is located in Cuitadella and is very popular amongst tourists. The museum houses many fascinating objects such as prehistoric relics, Catalonian paintings, historical pieces, bronze casting, and other significant items including, Holy Communion cups and gold chalices.

Address: Seminari, 7, Ciutadella, Minorca

Moli de Dalt Ethnological Museum

The museum exhibits a collection of historic farming implementations. Nearby are the Moli de Dalt windmill and the Sant Lluis church in memory of Louis IX, after which the area was named.

Address: C/ de Sant Lluis, 4, 07710 Sant Lluis, Minorca.