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There are many great restaurants in Minorca which will certainly make an impression on your taste buds. If it is a light tapas snack you are after or a full three course meal then the island of Minorca is able to cater.

Minorca is well known for its great sea-food dishes and this goes down very well the tourists. Though if you are looking for something different, there are also plenty of international cuisines to choose from such as Chinese, Thai and Indian.

Most of the restaurants are very reasonably priced, but they do tend to get a little more expensive around the tourist areas.

Popular Spanish Restaurants in Minorca:

La Minerva
This restaurant is famous in Mahon for its Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. It offers fresh seafood like clams, mussels and lobster. It is popular for delicacies such as prawn salad topped with avocado, black olives, radicchio and hearts of palm and the main course of caldereta de langosta.
Address: Moll del Llevant 87, Mohan, Minorca
Tel.: +34 97 135 1995
Es Cranc
This is one of the best restaurants in the Fornells area of Minorca. The food is exceptional, especially the sea-food dishes such as the lobster and the mixed paella. Es Cranc is regularly visited by the locals which means it must be good, and although the prices are a little expensive, the value is definitely worth the quality and service provided.
Address: Escoles,, Fornells 07748, Minorca
Tel.: +34 971376442

Restaurante Ca Na Marga
This offers the best Mediterranean and Minorca Cuisine. It has a wide and varied menu, which includes different kinds of barbecued meat, the traditionally made pizzas, the delicious and different salads, the fantastic stuffed aubergines, the excellent cod with garlic sauce and the delicious homemade desserts. It also provides an extensive selection of Spanish and international wines.
Address: Ses Salines, Minorca.
Tel.: +34 97 137 6410
It has the most eclectic and interesting seafood on its menu card. This special Mediterranean cuisine restaurant provides a mix of warm prawns, wild mushrooms and carpaccio de mero with a tangy green-mustard sauce, caldereta de langosta and sea anemones for a main course. It also offers a variety of wine and desserts at the end of meal.
Address: Moll de Llevant 334, Minorca
Tel.: +34 97 136 2390
Es Pla
This is a stylish, airy and elegant restaurant famous for its Minorcan cuisine and seafood. It has a large and informal wooden-floored porch and a stainless steel bar area with an indoor/outdoor design. The menu offers a wide range of seafood.
Address: Passeig des Pla, Fornells, Minorca.
Tel.: +34 97 137 66 55
Casa Manolo
This restaurant is located at the port where the larger yachts anchor and it is popular among the sailors. Its dining indoors have been carved out of stone and the terrace has an elegant atmosphere and an outstanding cuisine. It mainly offers fresh seafood and lobster dishes.
Address: Marina 117, Minorca.
Tel.: +34 97 138 00 03
La Palette
This is a popular restaurant with welcoming employees and an impressive food menu. During the summer the tables are transferred outside on to the patio which provides a very atmospheric setting. There is also a children’s menu which makes it a good option for the whole family. The prices are quite steep but this is reflected in the quality of food and service.
Address: Calle Cova, Cala'n Porter 07712, Minorca
Tel.: +34 97 137 71 37

Cafe Balear
This is a top rated restaurant in Minorca, especially known for its great fish dishes. The standard and quality of the food is outstanding and the service will stretch beyond customer satisfaction. There is a large choice of fresh meats and fish to choose from at very reasonable prices. The desserts are home-made and delicious.
Address: Passeig Pla de Sant Joan 15, Ciudadela, Minorca.
Tel.: +34 97 138 00 05

The Cobblers
This restaurant has a very warm and friendly atmosphere. The menu offers a fantastic range of traditional dishes and a choice of exquisite wines. The Cobblers also has an impressive outdoor courtyard which is perfect for a romantic meal. For the quality of service and food the prices are very reasonable.
Address: Calle , Alaior 07730, Minorca
Tel.: +34 97 137 14 00
Ca N'Olga
Ca N'Olga is a stylish, sophisticated restaurant situated in a typical white-stucco Minorcan house with outdoor and indoor dining facilities. It offers Minorcan and international cuisine regularly but one can find some new dishes also on the menu list.
Address: Pont Na Macarrana, Es Mercadal, Es Mercadal, Minorca.
Tel.: +34 97 137 54 59
Restaurante Andeira
This is a small, stylish restaurant located in the capital city of Mahon. It has a limited but high quality menu. It is famous for its superbly tasty Minorcan and Mediterranean cuisine.
Address: Des Forn 61, Mahon, Minorca.
Tel.: +34 97 136 68 17
Ses Voltes
This is a modern restaurant based in a newly refurbished building surrounded by the old town of Ciutadella. Ses Voltes is set upon three floors and is immaculate throughout. There is a bar with flat screen TV’s on the ground floor where you can have a pre dinner drink. The first floor presents a Spanish and international cuisine, and is especially known to have excellent Tapas dishes. There is also a rooftop area with admirable views, and the prices are quite reasonable too.
Address: Jose Maria Quadrado 16, Ciudadela, Minorca
Tel.: +34 97 138 14 98

Cas Quintu
It offers the Spanish, Minorcan cuisine which has a great taste. It has indoor and outdoor dining arrangements and offers a wide range of dishes.
Address: Cami De Bax 8, Ciudadela, Minorca.
Tel.: +34 97 138 10 02